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Improving questioning skills with Telesales coaching

Girl on phone - telesales coachingI have been doing some telesales coaching recently, with some very positive results. Coaching improves skills, changes behaviours and deals with negative beliefs.

After a telesales coaching intervention appointments and leads can typically increase by between 100 and 300%.

Perhaps the most important skill in selling, and many other activities, for that matter, is the ability to ask quality questions. Despite all the training that tells us to use open questions to understand needs and deal with objections, this is a skill that is lacking in many telesales people I help.

They find their results quickly improve through the use of open questions.

Open questions are those which begin with how, what, when, where and who.

I always advise to use a why question with care. It can often make the customer feel they have to justify themselves and puts them on the defensive. Said the wrong way a why question can appear to be aggressive.

So who or what is TED?

Well, if you hit the customer with a string of how’s and what’s, they are going to feel as though they are being interrogated rather than encouraged to share their concerns.

So we can soften the questions a little by using TED. Which stands for Tell, Explain and Describe.

For example:

Would you tell me how the problem impacts on your effectiveness?

Will you explain how that prevents you from getting more business?

How would you describe the effects of that particular scenario?

These are very general questions and to be effective you will need to devise your own to suit you and your situation. It is said that to grow a good habit you only need to practise consciously for about 10 minutes every day for 3 weeks, and then your unconscious will do it for you.

You’ll be surprised at the quality questions that suddenly escape from your mouth!

Telesales coaching helps people to develop self awareness about their lack of questioning skills and their negative beliefs which prevent them from performing effectively.

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