Stop Procrastinating – 6 Actions to Take Now!

How to stop procrastinating

Smart phone with Instagram login - Stop Procrastinating - 6 actions to take nowWe all occasionally put things off that we don’t particularly like doing.  Sometimes it becomes a habit that prevents us being productive. So how do you stop procrastinating and get your stuff done?

It might be your thing to get lost in social media as a distraction from the main task you need to face. Or, if you’re a homeworker, you end up with all the washing and ironing done but no work finished. Although the house is spick and span you suddenly realise that you need to stop procrastinating and take on the task.

So what can we do to beat procrastination and get going?

6 actions to stop procrastinating now

  1. If you find you are putting something off, feeling bad about it, and can’t get a grip of the situation, ask yourself why you are delaying and write down all the reasons. You will probably find that the obvious excuses come up first and are followed by deeper ones if you stick with it.
  2. You may find that there is some sort of perverse gain in not doing this task! Now against each point write down why this is not a valid reason for delay. Sometimes this in itself can be a revelation and enough to get you started.
  3. Plan the task, breaking it down into small, easily-achievable chunks. Be realistic and don’t expect to work for several hours at a time. Plan plenty of breaks and rewards, like going out for a coffee when you have completed a vital step.
  4. Now you know what this task entails, try and start with something you like doing. It may not seem a logical place to start, but may just whip up your enthusiasm and give you the momentum to carry on and finish.
  5. Work in the best possible environment for you.  People have different preferences about how they can best work. Some like music playing in the background, others want as much quiet as possible. It might help to tidy your office or desk before starting. Work alongside a colleague who has no trouble in concentrating and learn about their habits.
  6. If you are producing some written work, start by jotting down rough notes with all the ideas that occur to you. When you read back over them, a structure for the piece will probably start to emerge and all you will have to do is move the sentences around, expanding and cutting where necessary.

Good luck with tackling procrastination. As always, I would like to hear how it goes.

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