Skillful leader or mere manager?

Have you got what it takes to be a skillful leader?

Man reading book - Skillful leader - Liberating LeadershipA lot has been written about the role of a manager and how it differs from leadership. So do you think you are a skillful leader or a mere manager?

The term management is used to describe people responsible for the work and performance of others.

A manager looks at what needs to be done by interpreting the vision and expected outcomes of a leader.

He looks at how this can be achieved and tasks his team to do it by planning, directing, organising people and allocating resources.

However much of the literature is hazy in its description of what a manager actually does to achieve high performance. There’s lots of theory but no practical advice that documents the mindset, process and capabilities of the skillful leader.

Skillful leadership is in high demand as the workplace is changing constantly. The theories of yesterday do not relate to what is happening today or what work will be like in the future. To survive in today’s competitive world the leadership game plan has to change.

High performance from everyone in the business is essential if it is to grow and develop. It requires people to use their initiative and judgment responsibly.

So what’s going to turn todays ‘mere managers’ into skillful leaders?

Liberating Leadership is a new book on the market which answers this question. The author, Dr Derek Biddle, studied many managers whose teams produced high performance. One of the key observations was that great results rarely happened by themselves. The results were due to the presence of a skillful leader.

Skillful leaders who achieve this do not practise a black art.  Instead they have an intuition about what is the right thing to do. Or in other words they are unconsciously competent.

This means that their approach and the skills needed to lead and develop a high performing team are readily available and can be trained.

Liberating Leadership documents all you need to know to get from novice to skillful leader. Remember those books that taught you how to mend your car or do DIY? Well this book is like aHaynes Manualfor leadership.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to lead an effective team to buy this book. But don’t buy it yet. On 11th March 2016 the Kindle version is on sale for 1 day only at 99p. So mark that date and if you want a reminder sign up for my updates on the right sidebar.

If you want to remain employable in the future you might want to arm yourself with this book to become the skillful leader of tomorrow.

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