Sales coaching for increased revenues

How does our sales coaching impact your bottom line figures?

Sales coaching is becoming an important way to deliver increased revenues.

Businessman Holding Graph - sales coachingThe art of selling is commonly taught as a process involving 6 stages:

  •  Before the sale begins.
  •  Understanding needs.
  •  Proposition of solution.
  •  Dealing with resistance.
  •  Gaining commitment/closing the sale.
  •  Follow-up and follow-through.

This is useful from the point of view of understanding where you are in the sale process and what you need to do next, but following the process will not necessarily get you the sale.

The fact is that ‘people buy from people’. The decision to buy is made because of the relationship with the salesperson as an individual, not the company or even the product. Successful salespeople know this and concentrate on building relationships, not just selling the benefits of their product.

Our sales coaching focuses on building relationships through understanding other people’s behavioural styles and dealing with them in the way they prefer, not necessarily in the way you prefer!

We do this using the Insights Discovery® model. This excellent tool provides the sales person with an understanding of their personality and preferred behaviour. Through coaching we help the sales executive recognise the behavioural style of clients and how they can adapt their behaviour to deal with them more effectively.

The Insights profile also identifies what activities in the sales process they are good at and those where they are less skilled.

Our sales coaching helps your sales people to understand where their strengths lie and how to play on them. It also helps you to identify where you are not so good and how to develop these areas. It helps you to change strategy when things are not working, giving you more flexibility of behaviour.

With strong client relationships the sales person can become more of a trusted advisor rather than viewed just as a supplier. Once they become a loyal client the revenue, profits and referrals will increase. Proof of this can be found in this Harvard Business review article which states:

‘To maximize profit, managers have pursued the Holy Grail of becoming number one or two in their industries for nearly two decades. Recently, however, new measures of service industries like software and banking suggest that customer loyalty is a more important determinant of profit. (See Frederick F. Reichheld and W. Earl Sasser, Jr., “Zero Defections: Quality Comes to Services,” HBR September–October 1990.) Reichheld and Sasser estimate that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can produce profit increases from 25% to 85%. They conclude that quality of market share, measured in terms of customer loyalty, deserves as much attention as quantity of share.”

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