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Andy Britnell business an personal development newsletter and logoMy business and personal development newsletter has been going out monthly for nearly ten years and has been well-received by our readers. We would like to thank them for their loyalty and for the great messages of support they have sent.

I just wanted to say that I found your latest newsletter to be the most helpful and engaging that I have read so far.  That may be the fact that it contains some very tangible and practical tips and suggestions, which appeals to my very pragmatic nature!
Gary Loveridge

This is brilliant, I like the clear and uncluttered message and it hits the right note in terms of ‘time to read’ it.
Sue Jordan, Vocation Quest

Thanks Andy – keep ’em coming.   We look forward to receiving your emails every month and make sure we read and learn thoroughly!

Stafford Sumner Jarrang Limited |

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your website. I was surfing looking for Time Management information for a course I’m trying to develop for new to management employees. Thanks again for your wonderful site. I look forward to visiting again.
Phil Leach

I loved the latest newsletter. it is the perfect answer to give when people ask me why we try to help our suppliers and competitors the same time.
Matthew McEvoy Castle Plumbing and Heating

I receive and read your personal development newsletter every month. In fact, as soon as I received this month’s, although I was in the middle of doing something else on the computer, I immediately opened the email.

Could it be that I have started to look forward to receiving your mail?  Yes!  Does merely reading your suggestions make me feel happier?  Yes!

… It also seems like there is someone else out there (i.e. you!) who cares and would like to help me to be happier!
Mary Mammitzsch

I really enjoyed the lastest newsletter and sent it on to some of my friends.
Great stuff 🙂
Norio De Sousa

Thanks! for your newsletter. I find very eye opener with small life examples.
Looking forward for more sharing of wisdom which is not only yours but for all.
Thanks and regards.

This is spot on. Years back I read the autobiography of Jack Hargreaves, the TV presenter of How and Out of Town. He became Chief Exec of Southern Television. Travelling to London each day he reflected on how low he felt by the time he reached his office. He contrasted thet with the way he felt when he was growing up in North Yorkshire.

The difference was, he concluded, the exposure to news. As an adult he’d get the breakfast news on TV with special focus on the sensational, this was followed by the Todat Programme on radio 4, the headlines in the Times. By the time he reached London he’d been inundated with Bad News. Then on the walk to the office all the paper stand blaring out the same thing… murder, earthquake, civil war etc.

In yorkshire as a teenager what you new was local news mostly centered on your town or village. Bigger issues would of course be covered but not with the same repetitive focus on the extreme. As he said I can help a neighbour but what can I do about earthquake victims on the other side of the world. He said it just left him with feelings of guilt and frustration.

Imagine the effect of people sitting at home with the 24 hour news channel.

I stopped taking a paper years ago when even the Times started to slide towards the tabloid style. Just a quick check on the BBC news page is enough.

By the way I’ve just come back from Ireland. Good food, exercise and music. You’ve said it all.
Steve Aherne

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