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The art of leading and developing high performance with Liberating Leadership

Liberating Leadership and developing high performance - Formula One Racecar Driver --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisI am always interested in developing my skills and adding new tools to my box. About 5 years ago I got accredited to deliver a programme called Liberating Leadership.

This a management development programme which has brought together many personal effectiveness concepts I teach into one holistic whole!

Liberating Leadership brings together all the good stuff about leading and developing high performing teams. It’s a concept developed after years of observing managers of high performing teams in both blue chip companies and SME’s.

The leader and management programme developed from this research does what it says on the tin. It turns mere managers into leaders of teams that perform their socks off!

So what is it that is so different about this approach to leading and developing people?

Perhaps the most important concept is that managing high performance is a process that anyone can learn. There is a myth about leaders needing to be charismatic – the ideas in Liberating Leadership challenge that myth.

As well as having a well defined process there is also the notion of the right mind set. This is a set of beliefs and principles that have been shown to be present in leaders of high performance teams. The mind set includes a mix of attitudes and beliefs which means that the leader uses both high challenge and high support when managing people.

Both these opposite approaches are used in balance to achieve results which means they are skilled at mobilising human energy. Too much focus on high challenge creates stress and eventually poor performance, too much on high support means that people get comfortable and don’t stretch themselves.

This is a very important subject for both leaders, managers and those that wish to harness human potential. future blog posts will focus on understanding the process, mind set and principles that support the idea of leading and developing high performance.

These ideas are also important for those who wish to grow as it teaches us how to lead ourselves. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

For more information about this leading and developing programme please contact me.

Insights into Liberating Leadership book coverYou can also buy the new book by Ali Stewart ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’ which will give you a brilliant introduction to what this programme entails.

It demonstrates the 8 step process managers need to follow to become proficient at leading and developing high performance teams.

It includes a chapter on Insights Discovery®, the profiling system used to kick-start this programme.

Buy the book ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’ by Ali Stewart here.

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