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Leadership book - Insights Into Liberating Leadershipbook A number 1 bestselling Amazon leadership book

Two of the main training and coaching models I use are Insights Discovery® and Liberating Leadership.

Both are powerful programmes that transform the lives of my clients. They do not just build business and life skills, they often create a fundamental shift of mindset that uncovers a more authentic self and access to new internal resources.

What if there was a leadership book that covered both of these topics? Well, here it is.

I highly recommend this Amazon bestselling leadership book by Ali Stewart. Insights into Liberating Leadership contains a powerful and proven 8 Point Plan to help leaders become great and create a lasting legacy.

I have noticed that leaders steer clear of what they view as ‘soft skills’ training. Some out of fear that they will be ‘found out’ if they look too closely at themselves, others because it is so hard to see a definite return on investment.

Some think if things are working well there is no need to change them.They are content to maintain the status quo and remain comfortable. With this approach they can find themselves tolerating mediocrity as it becomes the norm, never pushing people to be the best they can be.

In most cases there’s an emotional attachment between the leader and their staff. When issues with and between people start to emerge the leader becomes:

  • distracted from what they should be doing, the very thing which makes the company successful.
  • embroiled in sorting out misunderstandings or low performance.
  • drained emotionally and mentally, trying to figure out how to keep their people happy, productive and engaged,
  • frustrated, wishing people would just get on and do their job.

The good news is there is a simple methodology which works every time. Insights into Liberating Leadership is a leadership book that gives you an overview of a brilliant blueprint for managing and leading people. It also provides you with a powerful 8-point plan to get you started.

Make no mistake, there is nothing ‘soft’ about this kind of training. Done well, it leads to dramatic performance improvements across the board, including cutting sickness and absenteeism, reducing the amount of time and money spent recruiting and inducting people, and improving the reputation and success of the business all round.

So if you want to read a leadership book that puts you on the right track why not order a copy today.

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