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Insights Discovery ® Personal Development Profiles – What’s Your Personality Type?


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Insights Discovery ® Personal Development Profiles are a comprehensive personal development tool. It is produced from your answers to a series of 25 online questions about your behavioural preferences. It will identify your personality type which will help you understand the following.

  • Your personal style.
  • How you interact with others.
  • How you make decisions.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your value to your team.
  • Effective communication.
  • How you relate to others.
  • Your blind spots.
  • The kind of people that you might find difficult.

‘If we knew what what made us tick we wouldn’t get so wound up’.

Andy Lothian, Insights Learning & Development.

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Having received your Insights Discovery personal development profile we will arrange a 30 minute phone consultation.

This will help you to explore how to apply your new understanding to improve your personal and working relationships and effectiveness.

If you want to take your personal development further we can explore the options available to you with one of my personal coaching journeys.


“Andy is without doubt one of the best coaches I have had the opportunity to learn from. Provided a unique learning experience.”

Silvia Dominges, BT Retail.

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If you want to explore your own personality type with Insights® there are two options available. To take action and experience the Insights personal development profile with us and discover your Insights® personality type call me on +44 (0) 1373 473223 or contact me here.

The Insights discovery ® system is currently available in 30 languages.

Personal Development Profile30 minute telephone consultation£145
Personal & Management Development Profile30 minute telephone consultation£177

“I have done several profiles in the past but cannot recall any being as insightful and accurate as yours.”

Matthew McEvoy, Director – Castle Plumbing.


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