Top 100 MP3 Hypnosis Scripts

Why not try one of these hypnosis scripts to solve a persistent problem?

Happy woman Hypnosis scripts Self confidence - carefree womanI’ve been using these hypnosis scripts both for myself and for my clients for many years. They’re very popular and only cost the price of a couple of drinks. Plus you can use them again and again to top up the effect.

Uncommon Knowledge have sold over 600,000 hypnosis scripts in the last 10 years and have a vibrant community page online with over 15,000 fans on Facebook.

Many people have bought these hypnosis scripts and other products through my site. I do get a small commission for each sale and it’s a way to add a little bit of extra income to my bottom line.

Have a look through and see if you find something that will help your personal development and give it a go.

These scripts are very effective and delivered by experienced and dedicated professionals.

And as I always say to people, unlike modern medicine, hypnosis can have some amazing positive side effects! For example, a client I treated for fear of the dentist found that afterwards he had much more confidence and was more comfortable in social situations.