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Hypnotherapy is an effective way to manage a number of issues

Water Lilly - Hypnotherapy imageYou may have considered hypnotherapy as a way to deal with something that just doesn’t shift with conventional treatments.

Would you like to reduce the stress in your life?

Do you want to rid yourself of unwanted habits?

Is there something holding you back in your life?

You know that hypnosis is a form of relaxation, but it can also help alleviate the temptation of smoking or the impulse to overeat. As a consequence, you will not only become more relaxed, but you can also gain more control over your life.

Hypnotherapy is a co-operative effort to help you establish better communication with your unconscious mind. No one can hypnotise you apart from yourself. You are in control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

You are always in charge – you will only accept suggestions that are in line with your values and beliefs.

I cannot make you cluck like a chicken unless you are OK about doing that!

Do not expect to feel hypnotised.

Most clients will not feel “hypnotised”. It is a natural state that we experience just before we fall asleep and just before we wake up. You access trance states all the time when you daydream, are watching TV, playing a sport or even driving (How did I get here?)

Do expect to feel relaxed.

Light trance feels very relaxing. It is a normal state.

Most clients only need a light trance to make change.

And as you finish reading this I am wondering who you know who would benefit from relaxing right now?

Want to learn more about hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

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Have a look at these hypnosis audio downloads [Link] and find one that will help you now.


How hypnosis works video

How hypnosis works video

What People say about Andy’s Hypnotherapy

“Thank you so very much for helping me to change my way of thinking through hypnotherapy, NLP and Insights.

When I came to see you my baggage was impossibly huge, now it’s an empty knapsack – such freedom! You have been patient and caring in the way you guided my unconscious mind to change its ‘blueprint’ enabling me to develop in ways I never thought possible. I can see the result of your work in the vastly improved relationship with my partner and my relationship with myself.

I really look forward to our next Insights day and further work on my unconscious mind.”

Elaine Stockman.

“Thank you so much for the assistance in looking into how my business and personal life can be improved. Within two sessions ‘a kinda magic’ has occurred within my mind and spirit.

After being hypnotized, I have been able to deal with so much more at any one time. I now seem to be able to switch between my businesses dealings much easier.It is like having my mind formatted into sections.

I can now handle business without stress and my memory seems to have improved. Before our session, I felt anxious and annoyed with myself as I had trouble keeping my businesses moving in the right direction. Since my youth, I was lead to believe that the road through life was narrow, difficult and that there were many stumbling blocks in the way. Now I see before me a wide path of opportunities.

To all who want to get back on track in life or clean up their ‘hard drive’ in their heads, I say examine yourselves and ask ‘are you the best you can be,’ if you are not, call Andy Britnell.”

Jason Roberts.

“Just to let you know that Adam has been working in several lofts this week and has felt extremely calm about being in there. He has had spider’s webs across his face and has been ok about it, so all in all, a great result!”


“As you know, some weeks ago I entered a charity run – the Cancer Research UK 10k. Knowing how important it is to get as fit as possible for this event I realised I needed as much help as I could get so I approached you.

You handled the session very sensitively, putting me at rest, establishing the problem I wished to overcome and fully explained your process. Probably the key point you explained was that, for the hypnotherapy to be successful, I really had to want it to work.

I am absolutely delighted to say that you enabled me to totally achieve my target – a problem I have struggled with for many years, simply failed to exist.

Absolutely fantastic – thank you Andy. I heartily recommend any one with a personal issue that needs addressing to seek your assistance.”

Rhodri Evans.

Phone 0771 007 9137 for an introductory conversation about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Just don’t go into a trance before you pick up the phone!