Goal setting techniques that really work

One of the most powerful goal setting techniques comes from NLP

Football goal - goal setting techniquesOf all the goal setting techniques we have used, Well Formed Outcomes has been the one we have returned to again and again with our clients. It is an extremely helpful way of getting yourself clear on what you really want.

Most people think about what they don’t want. Our powerful minds work with images, sounds, feelings and emotions, and these resources are critical for making goal setting techniques work.

The trouble is that if we spend energy imagining what we don’t want – guess what we end up with! A very useful goal setting strategy for getting the things we are trying to avoid.

With the Well Formed Outcomes strategy we actively focus on what we do want and make sure that what we are asking for is truly what we desire.

So how does this goal setting technique work?

1. State your goal in the positive.
Think about what you want rather than what you don’t want. If you still come up with something negative ask yourself “What do I want instead?”

2. State it in simple terms.
If a five year old wouldn’t understand it, it may be too complex – unlike some goal setting techniques your goal needs to be brief, simple and specific.

3. State it in the present tense.
Make it as if it is happening now. I have, I am, I’m doing …

4. Is it achievable and realistic?
Has someone else already achieved this or might they achieve this? Is it realistic for you? Everyone thought that human beings would expire if they ran a mile in less than four minutes – when it was achieved many atheletes suddenly started achieving what was previously thought impossible.

5. Set a time.
There is some debate about setting a date and some people feel uncomfortable about this. If it is a small goal then do it. If it is a really big goal then I advise that you leave the time for the moment until it starts to look like things are moving.

6. Get a clear description of the sensory evidence that the goal has been achieved.
How will you know when you have it? Describe in detail what you will see, hear, touch, feel, smell and taste. What will people be saying to you? What will you be saying to yourself?

We will be completing this goal setting strategy at a later date. Please contact us if you want the full script now.

If you are looking for goal setting techniques that work, this is a great strategy

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