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Effective Goal Setting Strategies To Make A Difference In Your Business, Career & Personal Life

Chess peice - the bishop - goal setting strategiesWhen discussing goal setting strategies a question comes to mind. Is goal setting an art or a science?

We would argue it is both. To set meaningful and inspirational goals for yourself and your employees is a creative process. You use both logic and emotion to make your objective setting more effective.

Whether you are setting goals for an organisation, business, sales call, marketing campaign, career or life, writing goals down and making sure you have a positive process is incredibly important.

So the question you might ask is – how do I set goals which give me great results?

Would it be useful to have a template to check your goal setting strategies or have a process which you could use?

One process I use comes from Insights and looks at smart goals from 4 angles.

Objective questioning – Why are we doing this?
Pragmatic implementation – What action do we need to take?
Future focus – What is the vision we have for success?
Personal network resource – Who can support us in achieving this goal?

Another process is the NLP model of well formed outcomes which looks at the “ecology” of a goal or objective. Does this objective fit in with other aspects that are important for you? What will be happening when you have achieved this goal? How will you know when you have achieved this outcome? How will it affect other people around you?

A third process is end-back planning. Often people look at goals from the wrong direction. Rather than start from the beginning and look to the future, in end-back planning you imagine the result and look back at what you need to do to achieve it.

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
– Douglas Adams.

Where an executive coach can help with your goal setting on a personal, business or organisational level, is to take you through this process to allow you to come to your own conclusions as to the practical implementation of a goal so that it really becomes achievable.

Setting aside time for your goal setting, writing them down and keeping your focus on what is really important helps you to achieve the results you want more effectively and in less time.

Our coaches know how crucial goal setting strategies are. In the first 2 or 3 sessions the coach checks what you really want by checking how motivated and enthusiastic about the goal you are.

After all if, it doesn’t look, feel or sound exciting, how much effort will you put in to get over the obstacles which might get in the way?

What goal setting strategies have you found that keep you on track?
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