Why have an executive coaching contract?

The executive coaching contract

Why have an executive coaching contract?

Both client and coach sign an executive coaching contract, known as the Coaching Agreement, before the coaching begins.

This is to ensure both are clear on all important points from the outset.

executive coaching contract

executive coaching contract

The agreement will state such details as the number of sessions and the time period initially committed to, and the arrangements for these to take place.

It will explain the coaching relationship and what is required of both parties if the relationship is to be successful. It will spell out the responsibilities of each party such as turning up to sessions on time and providing adequate notification if a session might be missed.

In order for the coaching sessions not to be disturbed by practical arrangements, the Coaching Agreement summarises payment details.

It may also include the coaches professional qualifications and the code of conduct that they follow. There may also be information on tools and techniques the coach uses in order to get results.

There will always be a clause about terminating the coaching. This might be because the coaching relationship no longer works for either party. There may be issues preventing the coach or client working together. It could also be mutually decided that the coaching has come to a natural end.

Once all the practical considerations have been dealt with, the coaching can commence with total concentration on your aims and how to achieve them.

There is also the informal contract between the executive and the coach. This relates to the coaching boundaries or the scope of the coaching.

For some this may be to focus on the business issues. For others more personal matters may be brought into the equation.

For executive or business coaching to be effective all these aspects are considered and are made clear in the coaching contract.

One thing you can be sure of and that is strict confidentiality.

The executive coaching contract proves a framework within which the client and coach can work with confidence and reassurance.