Management development programme

Management development – powerful performance from your managers

Management Development - helping your managers reach their potential

Management Development – helping your managers reach their potential

Being promoted into a management role can give an initial buzz of success. Until the manager realises that they don’t possess the skills to manage people effectively.

Smart businesses know that management development is imperative for success.

How can I help newly-promoted managers to grow quickly into their role?

How can I measure their current competence in key areas?

How can I improve the motivation of my managers and their staff?

How can I get failing managers back on track?

How can I show that I have an effective and fair process and avoid damaging tribunals?

Individuals may be promoted to management and leadership posts because of competence in their previous roles.  But they may be completely unprepared for their new responsibilities and lack the skills required to manage or lead their team effectively.

This may not become apparent at senior level until the relationship has broken down to a critical point where the team is forced to make an official complaint. At this stage it may be necessary to start a disciplinary procedure.

It is time-consuming, stressful and expensive to mend the damaged relationships, identify and deal with the manager’s development needs and refocus the team whilst showing that the situation is being dealt with fairly.

Management development

Management development and leadership development programme – helping new entrants get up to speed quickly

To get the manager and team (back) on track we have developed a unique programme of analysis, coaching and consultation:

Analysis – our first step is to develop the self awareness of the manager using an Insights Discovery profile. This may include 360 degree feedback from the team they manage, their peers and their senior management.

We then use an award winning programme called Liberating Leadership to develop the manager into someone with the skills, mindset and process to lead a high performing team. We use a set of questionnaires to measure beliefs, values and management style which highlights where changes need to be made.

Coaching – regular coaching sessions tackle the areas for development as highlighted in the profile/questionnaires and support changes in behaviour. Action plans and learning logs are used to record progress and provide evidence of results to senior management.

Consultation – regular review meetings are facilitated for the manager, team and senior management to keep all informed of progress and agree future development. Workshops may be arranged to encourage teamwork and relationship building.

The programme brings the situation under control and provides a structure to resolve it, whilst ensuring involvement for all. It gives the manager and team the best chance of becoming fully effective.

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