Effective teams

Developing effective teams

Our effective teams programme has been used in many organisations from small SME’s to global corporate companies.

Team development programme for more effective teams that get results

Team development programme for more effective teams that get results

How do I transform a group of diverse individuals into a productive team?

How can I help my teams progress quickly through the stages of team development?

What can I do to positively affect the quality of the team’s interactions?

How can I monitor their success so we can continuously improve the team’s overall performance?

Individuals with different personalities are often expected to work together but given little or no guidance on how to perform as a cohesive team. Typical problems include a lack of agreement and commitment to the team mission, poor communication, power struggles and difficulty with decision-making.

Various studies, most notably Tuckman, have shown that teams go through predictable stages of development. If team leaders and members are aware of these stages, the process can be accelerated and team performance enhanced.

We have developed a unique system of consultation, workshops and reviews which bring together team development models and the latest personal and team development tools.

Typically the system will follow this process:

Consultation – with senior sponsor to determine how the team contributes to corporate objectives, the length of project and measurements of success.

Personal Profiling – Insights Discovery® Personal Profiles are produced for each team member. The profile is recognised worldwide for its accuracy and includes information about key strengths and weaknesses, the individual’s value to the team, their preferred style of communication and possible blind spots.

Insights Workshop – this powerful workshop has helped corporations worldwide develop better understanding and relationships in teams. It assists in the initial stages of team development by breaking down barriers and allowing more open and honest communication. The knowledge of others’ strengths and how to get the best out of individual team members might never be uncovered without this intervention.

Team development workshops to create more productive teams in your business

Team development workshops to create more productive teams in your business.

Team Workshop – the team meets to discuss the feedback from the profiles and set out an action plan to improve their effectiveness over a period of time. This allows the team to focus on critical areas for continuous development and to recognise their current strengths.

Reviews – although the team is allowed to set its own agenda for progressing the action plan, our clients often see value in quarterly reviews to make sure everything is on track and to fine-tune the direction for the group.

Benefits of effective teams programme

The team owns the plan so is more committed to delivery.
Team develops quickly to enable it to deliver results.
Improved relationships within team.
Less time spent managing dysfunctional team.
Measurable results.

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