Effective recruitment

Making the right choice with effective recruitment

Effective recruitmentThere are many questions that come to mind when considering an effective recruitment and selection process.

  • How can I avoid hiring the wrong person?
  • How can I cut the cost of recruitment?
  • What can I do to cut down on staff turnover?
  • How can I make the selection process fair and legal?
  • How do I predict a candidate’s attitude and behaviour in post?

Choosing the right person to fit a particular job can be a hit-and-miss affair. Individuals can often have the correct qualifications and the relevant experience yet they do not always prove to be model employees. Conventional interviewing only goes some way to finding the ideal candidate.

More accurate information about each candidate can be obtained from an Insights Discovery® Personal Profile.  This can be quickly produced on-line by answering a series of questions.

The profile is recognised worldwide for its accuracy and includes information about key strengths and weaknesses, the individual’s value to the team, their preferred style of communication and possible blind spots. It also provides pertinent questions to use during the interview. Many major companies such as Pret a Manger use them for development and effective recruitment purposes.

It is a common trap to select people who are like ourselves. The profile enables the interviewer to be more objective in choosing the person with the right attributes for the job.

There is the added benefit of providing a one-to-one debrief of the profile once the candidate has been taken on-board. This shows your commitment to develop people and is especially pertinent for millennials who see this as more valuable than a big pay packet. They could be your future leaders!

I’ve helped many companies, including recruitment specialists, make effective recruitment decisions.

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