Development programmes and workshops

What development programmes can you choose from?

Brockwell park, London walking into the sunset. Development programmes with Andy BritnellPresented below are the various development programmes and services I offer to individuals and businesses.

Have a look and when you are interested in the sound of any item of my portfolio please send me an email or give me a ring.

I have many contacts around the UK.  If I can’t help you directly I can point you to someone who can provide development programmes suited to your needs.

Development programmes

Personal Development programmes

Using psychometric tools and one-to-one coaching I help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a unique personality profile. The profile allows you to understand your underlying personality. It identifies strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you, what your preferred communication style is and how you like to be managed. You can find more information and how to purchase profiles click here.

Emotional Intelligence is considered by many business professionals to be the main factor in determining a person’s success. Emotional intelligence psychometric tools are part of the recruitment processes, assessment centres and core training programmes in many organisations.

Softer skills are also now seen to be important in the business place and Emotional Intelligence fits this aspect neatly.

I was a pioneer of Emotional Intelligence in BT and weaved it in to major programmes for top sales people and executives.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP helps you to understand your preferred behaviour patterns and change them to make them more effective.

I use NLP tools and techniques to enable personal change.

My coaching journeys have been very popular for long term personal development trips!

Business Development Programmes

Executive and business coaching.

Like sports people, people in business need to ‘sharpen the saw’ regularly. People get rewarded for the value they deliver to an organisation. Which means that continuous professional and personal development is a must if you want to remain attractive in the job market. Top executives know this and hire coaches for the long term.

Executive coaching development programme.

Business coaching.

Management Development Programmes

Are your managers leading high performing teams or are they struggling to keep the team running effectively? Learning the process, mindset and skills of high performing managers can make a huge difference in the success of a team and its manager.

We use the award winning Liberating Leadership programme.  This leadership development programme has made a huge difference in many companies.

Powerful Performance from Your Managers.

Team effectiveness

Workshops for groups who wish to improve understanding of one another and become a more effective team. Using the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile  I run development programmes and workshops to help people understand their colleagues’ behaviour and motivation.

Instead of focusing on difficulties, people become more aware of each others’ unique qualities and work in a more productive and enlightened way.

Effective Teams development programmes.


Choosing the right people to fit a particular job or to deliver a desired customer experience, can be a hit-and-miss affair.

Recruiting people is time consuming and choosing the wrong candidate can be frustrating and disruptive to business in the long run.

So you need to make sure you get it right first time.

Individuals can often have the correct qualifications and the relevant experience yet they do not always prove to be model employees. Conventional interviewing and personality tests go some way to finding the ideal candidate.

So, the question is, how can you hire better employees, increase productivity and cut employee related costs?

Using Insights profiles has helped many of my clients choose the right candidate from a short list of potential employees.

Why is it listed as one of my development programmes?

Because you can give your new recruit the best possible chance to succeed by having a one-to-one debrief of the Insights profile.

Contact me to talk through any one of these development programmes.

My development programmes are never usually delivered as off-the-shelf products. As a result of an initial discussion they are tailored specifically to your needs.