Coaching Journeys

New coaching journeys now available.

Business and Personal Coaching are commonly used in the work environment and are extremely effective in creating change in people. Life coaching takes a holistic view in order to gain a better life/work balance. Coaching journeys can help you deal with major transitions in both life and business.

Personal issues often surface as fundamental causes of lack of business success, but the business coach may feel out of their depth and be unable to manage these issues. Those working with the emotional and personal aspects of coaching may not have the business experience to move people forward in today’s challenging business world.

I have experience in both these areas and the resources to effectively manage the emotional aspects within the coaching environment. I draw on a large resource of techniques including NLP, psychometric testing, EI and psychoanalytical tools.

New Coaching Journeys

Gate open to the sea in Porthleven - Coaching Journeys with Andy Britnell

I am now offering coaching journeys for people who want to have longer term support for their personal and/or business growth.

These can be either 3 or 6 month journeys where I will be available every week for a one hour call to support you to achieve a long term goal or deal with a transition in your life or business.

Why a ‘coaching journey’?

People often call on me for quick and effective short term fixes which are great in some ways but can just be a sticking plaster that covers up some fundamental issues that are getting in the way of real success.

What I’ve found in my 15 years of coaching practice is that a longer term intervention results in significantly greater return on investment. The coaching journeys I’ve delivered to various clients have resulted in big shifts which have made a real difference to their lives.

What sort of issues can you help me with?

There are a number of situations where a coaching journey is effective. Here is a list of common issues people want to deal with:

  • Life choices
  • Business development
  • New business
  • Big project
  • Career transition and promotion
  • Self employment
  • Working from home
  • Developing a portfolio life or career
  • Becoming authentic

What does a coaching journey look like?

You can choose a 3 month or a 6 month journey and some clients will find they want to extend the journey to take things even further. The decision is yours.

You will get a phone call, Skype call or Google Hangout session every week. We will have a coaching contract of commitment which gives me permission to ‘hold your feet to the fire’ when you need to be challenged in order to break through any blocks and excuses.

Before we even start the coaching journey there is a free no obligation call to check if we are compatible and to check you have a well formed goal in mind.

At the end of each call we will agree concrete actions to be taken and I will provide a short synopsis of the call by e-mail. E-mail support is included in the package if you have questions in between calls.

Why come to Andy Britnell for a coaching journey?

  • 20 years experience with corporate and personal clients
  • Business and personal development specialist
  • Personal development profiling with Insights and Motivational Maps
  • Exemplar portfolio life
  • Many development tools including NLP
  • Continuous personal and professional development

Where could a coaching journey take you?

Contact me for more information about coaching journeys and other programs.