Adopting a Leadership Mindset

The leadership mindset – from mere manager to liberated leader

Seedlings in pots - Leadership mindset - liberating leadershipWhy should you change your leadership mindset?

There are some scary statistics about staff who are being disengaged by managers. Many managers were great at their job and therefore promoted by senior managers who thought they would be successful leading a team. They also thought that they needed no training to become brilliant managers!

The truth is, as many of us know from experience, that this is not the case.

All very well and good you might ask. That just sounds like common sense. So let’s look at the numbers and see where that takes you.

  • Managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement
  • 50% of people have left a company to get away from their boss
  • 75% of the reasons for voluntary turnover can be influenced by managers
  • 8% of British employees are engaged at work
  • 29% of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews are fair
  • Only 1 in 10 people possess the talent to manage!

Gallop research studies various

This often creates sharp intake of breath when I share that with clients. Especially when they work out that 61% of employees don’t think their performance reviews are fair. Plus how much money is wasted in losing good people and low performance due to poor management practices.

But this shocking situation can be easily resolved with a relatively small investment in a robust programme for developing leaders and adopting the right leadership mindset.

What’s the solution?

Part of my coaching practice includes management and leadership development in which I use the Liberating Leadership programme developed by Dr Derek Biddle and Ali Stewart.

I’ve had some great successes in helping people understand that leadership can be learned as long as they have the right leadership mindset, go through a rigorous process and learn some fundamental skills.

The reason for this success is that a coaching intervention supports the manager in changing old beliefs, adopting new skills and holding them accountable for making the changes required.

White arrows on a wooden background - leadership mindset What are the reasons for developing the right leadership mindset?

  • Growing your business means managing people.
  • The more effectively you lead, the better your team will be.
  • Which means your business will be more profitable and successful.
  • How you lead and develop your people cannot be left to chance.
  • If you fail to do it well, you could lose your competitive advantage.
  • People who are good at their job don’t magically become good managers.

“There are many tomes on leadership. Many claim to have new insights. The claim here is simply that it works. It matters not whether you are already an experienced effective leader, or are facing challenges at a different level. You will find out how to further enhance your abilities.” 

– Dr Derek Biddle

So why is the Liberating Leadership Programme so successful?

1. It’s easy to learn

  • The central idea of Liberating Leadership is that anyone can learn how to lead and develop people well.
  • You don’t need exceptional skills and characteristics – you don’t need to be charismatic to lead!
  • The path starts with self-awareness, using Insights Discovery personality profiles, and a clear vision of yourself as a leader-developer.
  • And your personal commitment to being the very best leader-developer that you can be.

2.  It’s grounded in research

  • The model and diagnostic tools are not simply ‘good theories’. They are underpinned by extensive research into what really works.
  • Dr Derek Biddle, occupational psychologist, and Ali Stewart, executive leadership coach, founded Liberating Leadership. They studied high performing leaders in many different settings, across all market sectors.
  • For over 20 years they have been testing, refining and developing the model.
Liberating Leadership -Leadership mindset - competency wheel

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3.  It’s based on sound principles

  • Effective leader-developers have a central mindset of HIGH CHALLENGE – HIGH SUPPORT.
  • They have high expectations of their people (expectations theory) and reinforce good behaviour (reinforcement theory).
  • They have respect for their people (positive regard) and are direct and honest in their interactions (genuineness).

4.  There is a practical blueprint

  • There is a set of competencies and a track to run on that enables you to personally lead teams to success.
  • It’s easy to understand and immensely practical in nature.
  • There is a clear and proven 4-step process (Visioning, Mobilising, Developing, Enabling) with 15 teachable skills.

5.  It works

  • It’s an award-winning programme that is proven and it works.
  • Lowers sickness and absenteeism.
  • Increases staff retention.
  • Reduces recruitment costs.
  • Improves project/task completion.
  • Increases employee engagement.
  • Quickly gets to the root cause of people problems (the Change Sheet and Performance Navigator).

“A common sense approach to bringing about real and very sustainable improvements in performance. 
– Paul Thomson, Westminster Associates

Many organisations don’t have a formal process for helping new managers succeed in their new role. It requires a change of mindset.  They gain confidence when they have a solid process to follow and the right support to develop new skills.

So if you would rather be a liberated leader with a successful team, rather than an mere manager, please get in touch.

Leaderhip book - Insights Into Liberating Leadershipbook

Dr Derek Biddle and Ali Stewart have produced two bestselling books that you can buy from Amazon

Liberating Leadership is the bible for those going through the development programme. If you want a complete rundown of the leadership mindset, an in-depth look at the leadership process and a dive into the 15 competences, this is the book for you.

Insights into Liberating Leadership is a quick and easy read which links Insights Discovery ® personality types with the Liberating Leadership model. If you just want to test the water and get an overview of Liberating Leadership, this is the best way to dip your toe in!


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